Where visual meets Bible and fun.

For thousands of years Scripture has been written and spoken but rarely experienced visually. Even with all our technology, we’ve really only made digital versions of our printed Bibles.

We want to see fresh creations of the Bible visually.

We want to push the limits of how people can experience the Bible in the digital age.

The scope of VLB involves:

Software Development in Bible Technology Space

Unifying Bible-based content across multiple platforms & organizations for easy access

Creating learning & gaming applications to enhance a Bible immersive experience for all ages

Engage in marketplace forums, conferences, and gatherings to invite others into this world-impacting endeavor

We're cooking up some exciting products!

And the first is a virtual reality game that is coming to you later this year.


Prepare for the ultimate battle against the notorious giant.
DvG is an imaginative twist on the classic story of David versus Goliath.

In this epic virtual reality game, YOU are the young shepherd boy on a journey to protect your sheep from the dangers of the outside world. You better be quick on your feet because there are lions and wolves and bears nearby! Armed with a simple yet powerful sling, you’ll face challenges around every corner. They are sneaking through green pastures, lurking in the woods, and prowling in the caves.

If you defeat these foes, then you just might find yourself on the battlefield in the Valley of Ellah. There Goliath has threatened to destroy your family, lands, and nation. IF you can beat him in one-on-one combat, you will save them all. Can you sling your way to victory? Are you a mere shepherd boy, or are you a GIANT SLAYER?

DvG is brought to you by VLB in collaboration with Immersive History and Virtuous VR Gaming.


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