Visually Linked Bible (VLB) seeks to create an immersive & engaging Bible learning platform for the general public integrating three core values: Fun, Technology, and the Bible. 

The founding board members established the vision for VLB in early 2019, and has begun building key partnerships to carry the vision to fruition in 2020 and beyond. The scope of VLB involves:

  • Software Development in Bible Technology Space
  • Unifying Bible-based content across multiple platforms & organizations for easy access by everyone
  • Creating learning & gaming applications to enhance a Bible immersive experience for all ages
  • Engage in marketplace forums, conferences, and gatherings to invite others into this world-impacting endeavor

Because the mobile-based platform is virtual, our team is located across the USA. 

VLB is early in the strategic planning stages for 2019 and 2020. 

More to Come

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